Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Where to look for the best smartphone & apps on the web

When you are searching for the best smartphone, you can do some solid research on what makes you tick from what these handsets have to offer.

Unless you are choosing the creme de la creme of handsets and paying top £ for them, then as you decide upon a suitable contract deal, you will be weighing up the amount of minutes versus texts and data download as a bundle package and which is most suitable for your own particular requirements.

Equally choosing a smartphone which either runs on Android or Windows, if you like the tiles of the windows or android and touchscreen element, then you will be looking at newer models for Windows 8, or the iphone 5 etc.

The functionality may be similar with such smartphones - i.e. you touch the tile (square picture) on the screen for the item you wish to open, but the menu's may vary between the operating system, just like on a computer.

Also the smoothness and speed of opening programs may depend upon the software, handset compatibility and the amount of memory you choose for your phone, amongst other things.

On top of this, it is best to choose a network that provides coverage for where you wish to use the phone, as there is not blanket coverage for each phone network presently.

Each of these factors may influence your decision before and needs consideration to get the best buy smartphone.

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